Cuban Producers in Italy

We recently celebrated our 17,8% growth rate in a meeting that took place on June 10th, within EXPO. Data presentation apart, that event focused on sustainability practices along sugar and cocoa supply chains, therefore producers, traders and retailers talked about their Fairtrade experience. Among them,  Ray De Allende, of Ilovo Sugar Company and Aldo Cristiano of Ferrero, who gave one of first public presentation about the company’s FSP committment. Participants received a limited edition bottle of Amaro Ramazzotti, made with Fairtrade sugar.
Manuel Alonso Padilla, Project Director of ATAC (Asociacion tecnicos azucareros de Cuba) and Emerio Santana Dominguez, President of  UBPC (Unidad Básica de Producción Cooperativa) Pita attended and gave a speech about Fairtrade in Cuban sugar sector in that meeting as well.
“Expo 2015 is a unique occasion to communicate how Fairtrade helped Cuban cooperatives to go ahead in a good quality organic sugarcane production and in their internal development” told Manuel Alonso Padilla. “It is a moment for an exchange with many organizations interested in our products. We are very happy about this opportunity” went on Emerio Santana Dominguez.

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